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Digital Video Contour Projector

QVI (Quality Vision International) offers its c-vision Lite to the North American industrial and quality assurance marketplace.

c-vision Lite is a manual measuring system with precision tri-magnification optics and advanced digital image processing. Its benchtop configuration fits easily in most workspaces, and it is shop-hardened to withstand often-adverse industrial environments. The standard manual XY axis table motion with precision linear scales and fine adjustment capability provide enhanced measurements; a motorized XY table motion is optional. The rugged heavy-duty worktable can support up to 45 lbs., and it accepts standard fixtures and tooling.

vCAD virtual chart gauge software is standard on c-vision Lite. vCAD offers a method to digitally compare projected a part image to an imported CAD file overlay of that part. Users can align edges, compare dimensions and see the projected part image matched with the virtual CAD overlay. "The simplicity, ease-of-use and screen resolution provided by vCAD on a c-vision Lite far exceeds that offered by traditional overlay templates used on an analog optical comparator," said a company spokesperson. "vCAD also eliminates the time and expense of maintaining up-to-date traditional overlay charts, as well as the physical storage space demanded by them. With vCAD, the most recent CAD files can be used, so the user always inspects and measures using the latest available engineering information."

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Quality Vision International Inc.

850 Hudson Ave.

Rochester, NY 14621


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