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CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Supertec Machinery has introduced the Mini Genie to the North American market. Designed for shops with limited floor space, the Mini Genie has a total footprint of 78" x 78" (43 sq. ft.).

The Mini Genie has a grinding capacity of 9" diameter and 8" between centers and a work load capacity of 44 lbs. between centers and 11 lbs. chucked.

"With the Mitsubishi M80 control and Supertec's I-Grind conversational shop floor language, the grinder is easy to learn and program, making it ideal for any shop," said a company spokesperson.

The Mini Gene comes in two styles, a plunge model with the wheelhead set at 90° and the anglehead model with the wheelhead set at 20°. The anglehead is designed for faster stock removal and better surface finish on face and shoulder grinding applications.

A HEIDENHAIN .000002" linear scale offers improved accuracy and repeatability, with machine tolerances of .0001" or better attainable. Both machine axes utilize linear guideways for smoother and more accurate movement.

Some of the standard features of the Mini Genie include a full enclosure, infinitely variable workhead, coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator, and a taper adjustable tailstock.

For more information contact:

Supertec Machinery Inc.

6435 Alondra Blvd.

Paramount, CA 90723


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