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Expanded Flap Disc Offering

Weiler Abrasives has expanded its Tiger and Wolverine flap disc offering. The expansion includes 4.5" high density discs in a conical style (Type 29) and more options for metal fabrication professionals using 5" and 6" grinders.

The Tiger and Wolverine flap discs deliver varying levels of performance, depending on the user's needs.

Composed of ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina grains, the 6" Tiger X standard density conical flap discs are designed to offer maximum performance and aggressive grinding on flat steel and stainless steel surfaces. "These Type 29 discs feature an industry-first X3 technology that combines an advanced anchoring system, dual flap design and engineered backing, leading to fast grinding, long life and greater productivity," said a company spokesperson.

The Tiger Paw standard density 6" flap discs are suitable for edge grinding on steel and stainless steel. "The 100% ziroconia alumina grain holds up to high temperatures and extreme pressure, making them usable in heavy-duty applications," said the spokesperson. Tiger Paw flap discs are also available in high density designs for conforming to irregular surfaces. Weiler Abrasives offers the high-density Tiger Paw in a 4.5" conical style (Type 29), as well as 5" and 6" flat style (Type 27).

For general-purpose applications, the 6" Wolverine standard density conical style (Type 29) and Wolverine high density flat style (Type 27) flap discs are designed to provide a fast cut rate and consistent performance at a good value. These zirconia alumina discs are designed to work well when grinding steel or other metals.

All of the new flap discs have 40, 60 and 80 grit abrasive options to provide users with solutions ranging from beveling and weld grinding to blending and finishing. The 4.5" Tiger Paw flap disc has an additional 36 grit option for heavy stock removal.

The expanded flap discs offering joins a portfolio of power wire brushes and bonded abrasives designed for 5" and 6" right angle grinders. "The combination of products gives metal fabrication professionals a wide breadth of solutions for their demanding grinding and finishing needs, allowing them to complete tough jobs quickly and accurately," said the spokesperson.

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