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High Speed Machining Solution

Sodick offers a new solution for high precision machining with the UH650L Ultra High Speed Vertical Mill. "Unlike the conventional method of separately executing rough and fine milling, this new technology combines both machining passes in one operating mode," said a company spokesperson. "This, coupled with the ability to gain jig grinding capacity and high speed small hole drilling without additionally costly equipment, makes the UH650L Sodick's most advanced high speed mill."

The Sodick UH650L Vertical Machining Center (VMC) features Sodick's patented energy saving linear motors and linear glass scales with five-place decimal input and feedback. "This combination results in enhanced speed and accuracy, allowing it to handle the most complex 3D contours," said the spokesperson.

"So far the UH650L has been revolutionary for high speed milling. It features acceleration rates greater than 1G, superior stability and the highest degree of precision," said Dave Thomas, Executive Vice President, Sodick.

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