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Boring Tools Offered with Digital Readout

Allied Machine and Engineering has announced the expansion of Wohlhaupter digital tools offered with an external 3ETECH digital display for micro-precision adjustment.

3ETECH combines precision adjustment measurement in the tool with an external dockable and detachable digital display that shows the adjustment setting. This user-friendly, micro-precision readout capability facilitates reliable machining processes for high-precision components. A sensor unit fitted to the display makes direct contact with the tool to record the adjustment travel. Wired, Bluetooth or magnetic connections are not required.

The 538052 (537052) precision boring cartridge is now equipped with 3ETECH. Made of hardened steel, it is designed to be robust and resistant to all external mechanical influences. It can be used on serrated tool bodies and Alu-Line slide tools in the diameter range from 3.937" to 128.15" (100 mm to 3,255 mm).

This precision boring tool can be adjusted without the aid of the readout. Its diameter can be set via a vernier scale in 0.0001" (0.002 mm) increments. A simple analog version without 3ETECH compatibility 538051 (537051) is also available.

The 3ETECH display unit docks onto the tool and is activated via a pushbutton. It then shows the relative adjustment value of the tool in 0.0001" (0.002 mm) increments of the diameter to enable high-precision boring. Because the readout attaches externally and is not built-in, it can be used with all Wohlhaupter tools that are equipped with 3ETECH sensor units. The external display is particularly suitable for tools having a small body diameter and for special tools with one or more adjustment units.

"Built-in readouts can get damaged during the machining process, and magnetized solutions can be susceptible to data loss if the contact is broken," said a company spokesperson. "However, 3ETECH provides the capability to store measured values in the tool itself to prevent data loss. The patent-pending interface between the digital readout and the tool ensures safe detachment in the event of an unintentional spindle start and protects the operator if the display is inadvertently left on the tool."

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