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Edge Computing Platform Offers Smart Monitoring Options

The IoT Edge platform from ClearBlade uses Edge AI technology to help companies monitor and predict performance.

The IoT Edge platform from ClearBlade uses Edge AI technology to predict performance in industries such as rail, manufacturing and aerospace. Eric Simone, an alumnus of Purdue University's College of Science, founded ClearBlade in 2007 after working at IBM.

"Our secure, reliable and scalable software platform provides real-time data on the performance of hardware components," Simone said. "It also has applications for using AI technology to analyze and predict performance across industries such as manufacturing, retail and aerospace."

Simone and the ClearBlade team have worked closely with the Purdue Foundry, an entrepreneurship and commercialization hub whose professionals help Purdue innovators create and grow startups. Simone said his team is looking to partner with Purdue-affiliated startups that can benefit from the platform technology.

"This is another great example of a determined Purdue innovator who connects with the Purdue entrepreneurial ecosystem to make progress happen," said Riley Gibb, Director of Business Development for Purdue Ventures, an arm of the Purdue Foundry.

Simone said ClearBlade has a growing internship program and is looking to add more interns from Purdue.

"Our internship program provides a strong hiring base for our Austin, TX-based company," Simone said. "One thing I love about Purdue students and alumni is their passion, brilliance and integrity, all while maintaining their humility, which matches our culture here at ClearBlade."

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