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Linear Motor Machines for Moldmaking

Asia Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC) is a subsidiary of TTGroup, one of the biggest machine tools groups in Taiwan. In addition to moldmaking, APEC?s strong technical team can provide state-of-the-art 5-axis large scale machining centers that satisfy the requirements of aerospace, automotive and die & mold applications with the performance, flexibility and reliability essential to the production of complex parts as well as manufacturing of plastic molds, castings, forging dies and other precision tooling.

Besides providing a variety of 5-axis machine tools, APEC offers comprehensive customer services including factory planning, intelligent manufacturing, technical training, process upgrades and turn-key solutions.

"Five-axis simultaneous machining produces the best die surface, and the XYZ axis driven by linear motor provides excellent dynamics and static rigidity," said a spokesperson.

The rapid feedrate of the axis is up to 60 m/min and the acceleration is up to 0.5G to 0.7G. The structure is easy to maintain without transmission power loss.

"Excellent surface finish contour can be enhanced due to the high torque direct drive motor system of 2-axis heads," said the spokesperson. "Small size is suitable for complex curved surface machining; the advantages include low error, high resolution and high speed."

Due to the features of 5-axis machining with linear motor driving system and shorter tools applied, the surface finishes are generally very glossy and product surfaces remain flat.

Five-axis high speed machining and single set-up with high accuracy could shorten the processing time and eliminate the need for post machining processes, such as EDM and hand bench work, the company reported.

"Excellent dynamic characteristics of 5-axis machining produce small servo errors and leads to high quality surface finish of the core and cavity of mold," said the spokesperson.

These machines are imported by CNC Systems Inc. with locations in California and New England.

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