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High-Speed Mills

Sodick's UH Series High-Speed Vertical Machining Center (VMC) comes equipped with Sodick's patented rigid linear motor technology. "As one of Sodick's core technologies, these rigid linear motors offer instantaneous response times with zero backlash," said a company spokesperson. Weighing in at over 17,000 lbs., the gantry design of the UH series consists of robust bridge castings and rigid cross-roller guides help maintain thermal stability while minimizing deflection and vibration.

"Due to its superior design and fully supported axis movement, Sodick's UH Series can machine precise shapes while still maintaining dimensional 3D tolerances," said the spokesperson. "Capable of accelerating over 1G and maintaining an accuracy of 1 m, this line of high-speed mills (HSMs) is the optimal choice for applications requiring high speed and precision. With a new pressure-purged spindle that is paired with a build structure that favors stability, these machines can produce an unparalleled surface finish in conjunction with its high speeds and tight tolerances. The rigid linear motors not only improve the accuracy while machining, but they also assure low energy consumption and longevity. Instantaneous servo time maximizes cutting efficiency, which enables very high linear feeds with shallow cuts. This allows for machining with greatly reduced distortion and improves accuracy and tool life."

Along with the standard functionality of the UH series, these Sodick HSMs are built for seamless integration. Built with an easy access automation gate, this machine series is built to accommodate a wide range of automation technologies. This allows for optimized processes and 24/7 capabilities with hassle-free set-up. To further expand the UH series capabilities, Sodick offers several options that enhance machining. The Jig-grinding option allows operators of the UH series the ability to perform 3-axis grinding applications. These machines are capable of transitioning from milling to grinding for optimal circularity and contour accuracy. Based on the same familiar CNC control used for the milling function, Sodick's Jig-Grinding capability can be taught easily to existing CNC machinists. With independent Z-motion and high feedrate, the UH can achieve high surface quality along difficult contours for optimal high-precision performance, the company reported.

"Milling graphite has never been easier with the Sodick UH series," said the spokesperson. "Sodick HSMs offer a one-of-a-kind positive pressure system that actively directs graphite debris into a collection system. This system equipped with a Torit dust collector prevents clouds and reduces the mess associated with graphite machining. Machining electrodes often requires tight tolerances and repeatability, which the UH series perfects with its rigid linear motor design. Sinker EDMs can only perform as well as their electrodes, making graphite machining extraordinarily important. Along with the rigid linear motors and sub-micron absolute scales Sodick's UH Series offers top quality accuracy and repeatability."

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