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DECA Manufacturing Boosts Productivity with Schleuniger

DECA Manufacturing, located in Lexington, OH, has been manufacturing high-quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies for over 40 years. When President Cameron Haring decided to modernize the facility's equipment, Schleuniger's technology, expertise and support caught his eye.

Prior to restructuring, DECA used a menagerie of legacy equipment to facilitate its processes. To streamline manufacturing, Haring knew finding a supplier who would partner with DECA and add value to the overall business would be critical to the company's success. According to Haring, "Schleuniger Direct Sales Representative Bruce Moore provided a full-service approach to creative solutions for advancing our capabilities."

DECA now owns several Schleuniger machines, but Haring attributes the company's significant productivity gain and overall growth to their investment in the CrimpCenter 36 S fully automatic crimping machine. "We process a substantial amount of sealed wire leads, and the CrimpCenter's throughput is amazing. We have easily increased productivity by 50 to 100%, improved quality and instantly unlocked new abilities, even attracting new customers," said Haring.

In addition to the success of the CrimpCenter, Haring noted that with the MultiStrip 9480 cut and strip machine, they have been able to eliminate manual stripping of inner conductors when processing multiconductor cable, increasing efficiency. They are even looking at adding to their Cut & Strip line to serve a niche they have built for processing larger gauge cable.

For other small manufacturers considering equipment upgrades, Haring shared, "The important thing is to invest in the training offerings that are available at the time of purchase, because once you know what you are doing, you can shift work from old techniques to new ones and reap the benefits. Schleuniger provided exceptional, responsive support to help get us up and running."

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