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Software Enables Offline Set-Up of Robotic Palletizing Patterns

"PalletSolver is a feature-rich robotic palletizing software suite for Motoman robots that enables the development and deployment of palletizing solutions without impacting the production environment," said a Yaskawa spokesperson.

Pallet designs and processing requirements (pallet sequencing) are defined offline, separate from the production cell, and then transferred to the robot controller when ready for production. PalletSolver offers quick changeovers without stopping production to validate pallet patterns and allows faster integration of a palletizing system by making it easy to configure and set up. PalletSolver can be customized for complex robotic palletizing applications.

"PalletSolver redefines how robotic palletizing operations can be performed in the field. It offers operational excellence with intuitive tools for configuration, set-up and production monitoring and control," said Dean Elkins, Segment Leader, Handling. "Its scalable architecture can handle single line and complex multi-line palletizing, as well as single and multiple workcells."

PalletSolver's offline pallet pattern generation tool supports multiple robotic workcells, dynamic gripper zone management, constraints handling, unlimited SKUs and more. It has an intuitive graphical interface for configuring cell parameters and a guided step-by-step process for developing patterns. PalletSolver can directly import pallet patterns generated in the widely used TOPS or CAPE software, thus focusing efforts on building optimal sequences for the robotic build process. Key features include support for all common gripper types, smart conveyors and flexible end-of-line processing options.

PalletSolver Online is software that runs on the YRC1000 controller and pendant and DX200 controller, or as a PLC ladder on MLX300. Consisting of various libraries and I/O mapping, as well as a comprehensive User Interface (UI), PalletSolver Online optimizes the execution of the pattern files and robot operation that were created with the PalletSolver-PC application.

"Manufacturing is challenged with constantly changing packaging and product parameters on the production line. PalletSolver intelligently addresses that challenge by handling cell constraints in the offline environment, allowing quick changeovers without needing to test patterns. Manufacturers can prevent a considerable amount of downtime by not halting production," stated Elkins.

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