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Software Features Shop Floor Scheduling Based on AI

"Getting an accurate understanding of the flow of product on the shop floor can be a never-ending and frustrating juggling act for make-to-order manufacturers," said Mark Lilly, President and CEO of LillyWorks. "Consider a scenario where the factory is jammed, customers are asking for delivery dates and the best one can do is estimate a shipping date, only to have to change it the next day."

Protected Flow Manufacturing is designed to provide an execution plan (what to run and when to run it), based on the mix of products and resources, in order to provide the best timing of output and minimize delays. The Predictor, a Predictive Analytics tool of Protected Flow Manufacturing, takes all of the work order and production requirement information and combines it with all the capacity and capabilities information to predict how the shop floor will look in the near future.

According to Val Zanchuk, President, Graphicast, an early user of Protected Flow Manufacturing and The Predictor, "When we see via The Predictor that a shipment to a customer depending on critical parts will be late three weeks from now, we can make an adjustment today to meet his requirements. The same applies to a customer requesting an expedited order. We can put the expedite request into The Predictor, and quickly see the impact over the entire operation."

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