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Online Weld Cost Calculator

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers its Quick Weld Productivity Analyzer (QWPA), a calculator for total weld cost analysis. This online tool can help fabricators see the cost impact of different aspects of production.

The QWPA produces calculations for:

  • Net deposition rate and welding speed per pass after selecting weld process and inputting data (wire/electrode type, diameter, parameters, joint configuration, joint cross seam-area, joint length, number of passes).
  • Weld operation time calculation. A sliding scale for arc-on time/operating factor calculates weld metal weight in pounds per foot, cycle time per product and energy consumption.
  • Total production cost per foot weld or cost per product based on production costs for consumables, energy and labor cost.

"ESAB's Value Added Engineering (VAE) team developed the QWPA so fabricators could make decisions based on factual data collected at their shop," said Dick Skarin, Global Value Added Engineering Manager, ESAB. "This online tool is a subset of the comprehensive assessment tools used by our team when they work directly with customers to increase their competiveness and profitability."

"The VAE team takes a holistic approach when analyzing production processes. They consider plate preparation (cutting and beveling process, edge condition), joint design, welding process and procedures, filler metal selection, operator training and use/optimization of mechanized and automated solutions. By working with VAE, fabricators can increase capacity without adding personnel while reducing cycle time and costs," said a company spokesperson.

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