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Versatile CNC Mills and Lathes

TF-450 lathe

VK-Series knee mill

DynaPath offers its VK-Series CNC knee mills and TF-Series flat bed type lathes.

VK-Series Knee Mill

The VK knee mill is a versatile 3-axis CNC milling machine for manual and semi-automatic jobs, while also offering fully automatic CNC operation. It is suitable for small lot production, ranging from garage shop operations to production tool rooms.

Features of the VK-Series knee mill:

  • Standard automatic lubrication and automatic coolant systems
  • 3 or 5 HP spindle, up to 5,000 RPM with high/low gear
  • Optional power elevator for table height adjustment
  • Optional XYZ-axis digital handwheels
  • Optional 4th axis rotary axis.

The DynaPath WinDelta CNC includes a 10.4" LCD touchscreen display, USB and networked file transfer and 4 GB part program storage. Features include advanced path planning with look ahead and feed forward.

TF-Series Lathe

The TF-Series flat bed type lathes are designed for versatility. The X and Z axes utilize precision ground box ways with precision ball screws. The spindle motor is housed in a rigid casing fixed to the frame for enhanced rigidity. A tailstock with quill allows set-up for long cylindrical parts. An optional X-axis secondary spindle offers mill-turn functionality. The machine is suitable for turning, grooving, drilling, facing, threading, tapping, keyway milling, face milling and cylindrical milling of precision parts.

Machine features:

  • Automatic tool post (four tools)
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Spindle C-axis mode
  • Air-driven hydraulic C-axis disc brake
  • 8" manual chuck
  • Manual tailstock with quill
  • Optional secondary spindle for side mill, drill, bore and tap
  • Full enclosure with coolant system and chip drawer.

The DynaPath WinDelta Compact CNC System features:

  • 10.4" LCD with touchscreen
  • 2 GB SSD storage
  • 2x USB/1x LAN
  • Yaskawa M-II link
  • DRO handwheel mode
  • Conversational, DXF import and standard G-code programming capabilities
  • Teach/learn functions
  • High-efficiency can cycles
  • Networked file management
  • Remote support and diagnostics.

For more information contact:

DynaPath Systems, Inc.

34155 Industrial Rd.

Livonia, MI 48150


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