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Three-Axis Milling Machine Offers High Precision, Stability

GF Machining Solutions offers its Mikron MILL P 900 3-axis vertical milling machine especially beneficial to mold and die manufacturers. The robust machine features a polymer concrete machine base designed to deliver stiffness, while its thermal management, contour accuracy and precise positioning contribute to enhanced part surface finishes. A symmetrical portal design and effective chip management heighten operational efficiency.

The machine uses the FANUC FS31iB CNC. Within the control are multiple machine optimization modules and smart machine features designed to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

To reduce cycle times, the machine features a high-speed 20,000 RPM StepTec spindle that delivers 120 Nm of torque. The spindle features an advanced V3D vibration monitoring system that uses three vibration sensors to provide a complete visualization of spindle performance. An available 36,000 RPM spindle delivers enhanced surface finishes due to its axial stability, making it suitable for high-end molds with tight finish and size tolerances.

The Mikron MILL P 900 comes standard with a 30-position tool magazine and automatic tool changer, and a 60-position tool magazine is also available. With easy access via a side door on the machine, operators can change out tools with ease. The tool changers also deliver a 4.2 second change time and a 7.4 second chip-to-chip change time.

Available integrated automated pallets that handle maximum payloads of 440 lbs. (200 kg), as well as chip control options, lights-out production capabilities and GF Machining Solutions' rConnect technology for process monitoring all contribute to optimize the overall machine utilization and output of the Mikron MILL P 900.

GF Machining also makes its North American debut of the new Mikron MILL P 500 U high-performance milling solution. "With its powerful and dynamic material removal capabilities and high stiffness, the Mikron MILL P 500 U takes precision and part surface finish to a new level. It also enables continuous machining of complex forms and tough materials while shortening process time," said a company spokesperson.

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