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Wells-Index Selects Centroid CNC Controls

Wells-Index mills' milling heads, most of which are based on a Bridgeport design, feature a robust and durable design for heavy cutting. "Most of the components, such as the spindle diameter, bearings, gears and splines, are 40% to 100% larger than those of our competitors," said a company spokesperson. "The bullet proof milling heads were developed from its long history of working in battle field conditions, production machine shops and technical schools where students often subdue machines to the wrong cutting speeds and depths."

"While most competitors are focusing on selling volumes by designing machines lighter and cheaper, Wells-Index is focused on making its machines more robust to incorporate powerful spindle motors required to handle the transition to CNC applications," continued the spokesperson. "Today, Wells-Index is the only manual or CNC knee mill made in the U.S." All castings and Baldor servo motors are also made in the U.S. The machines utilize the U.S.-made user-friendly Centroid CNC control.

"On average, Wells-Index machine tools weigh 1,000 lbs. more than competitor models," said the spokesperson. "Our 3 HP continuous duty motor is equivalent to competitors' 5 HP peak HP rating." The machines have hand scraped ways and a durable spindle head design.

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