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New 5-Axis Aerospace Gantry Machine

"APEC (Asia Pacific Elite Corp), known for large linear-drive gantry machining centers, debuts its new 2-axis high speed, high power, HSK-63A spindle head for the GM Series," said a J2 spokesperson.

"The latest cutting tool technologies and machining strategies are a great way to increase productivity within the aerospace industry, but require a machine specifically suited to the task," continued the spokesperson. "This new spindle is equipped with 167 HP and 30,000 RPM, ensuring the G and GM Series provides one of the highest non-ferrous material removal rates in the market. It also features innovative direct drive motors, enabling highly dynamic 5-axis contouring capabilities. With this spindle, APEC's 5-axis feedrates rival those of 3-axis machining centers."

The G and GM Series have a high rigidity structure design, featuring a symmetrical "box-in-box" structure of cross-beam and saddle. Box-in-box structure distributes force equally to improve deformation and to perform at high accuracy while high-speed machining. "APEC's force flow design decreases thermal deformation and weight of moving parts, while dual drives ensure smooth cutting and the best part quality available," added the spokesperson.

APEC's linear drive design is suitable for aerospace manufacturing because it allows for large parts production 1.5-2 times quicker than the standard ball screw bridge mill design. The X, Y and Z axes feature linear motors, linear scales and rigid linear guideways. Linear motor drives work alongside the spindle to improve production capabilities by eliminating backlash, transmission loss and wear. G and GM Series rapid traverse is up to 60 m/min and has acceleration of 5 m/sec for increased overall production. Machines are available from 12' up to 98' in length.

APEC is a subsidiary of the Tongtai Group specializing in the design, manufacturing and sale of large gantry high-speed 5-axis machine tools. These machines can be applied to industries from aerospace, transportation and solar energy.

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