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DRO with Touchscreen for Machining

HEIDENHAIN has announced its new POSITIP 8016 digital readout (DRO) with touchscreen for manual machine tool applications. With its sturdy machined aluminum housing, this DRO is designed to add reliability and ease-of-use to its milling, drilling, boring and turning jobs.

The PT 8016 DRO has a multitude of functions including a Taper calculator, Bolt-Hole Pattern routine and Tool Radius Compensator. This DRO also includes distance-to-go modes in both absolute and incremental. It can control of up to three NC analog, point-to-point axes and a spindle with the PT 8016 "ACTIVE Version".

This new HEIDENHAIN PT 8016 DRO features a shop-hardened 12" color TFT touchscreen for an IP65 front panel and an IP40 back panel. Users can plug-in up to six encoders - either 1Vpp or 11µApp incremental or absolute EnDat 2.2 pure serial. It has storage for up to 100 datums and 100 tool parameters, as well as the capability to create, store and execute programs.

The PT 8016 replaces HEIDENHAIN's PT 880. It stands alongside the recently released ND 5023 and ND 7013 to round-out the new HEIDENHAIN family of digital readouts.

For more information contact:

HEIDENHAIN Corporation

333 E. State Parkway

Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337


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