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Encoders for Servo Motors

Kuebler's Sendix 36 motor feedback system is designed to operate servo motors of various sizes, performance levels, electrical interfaces and technical requirements, including high rotational speed and high temperature-making it suitable for semiconductor manufacturing, packaging and other factory automation systems.

With its compact 36 mm housing, the S36 is equipped to handle all singleturn and multiturn variants, as well as all medium to high power ranges. By reducing the number of motor variants, it saves space and operating costs.

The S36 is designed to reliably operate motors in harsh, unforgiving environments. Using phased array sensor technology, it maintains consistently high signal quality in the presence of shock and vibration, achieving resolutions up to 2,048 ppr sin/cos or 24 bits (fully digital).

It also integrates Kuebler's proprietary Safety-Lock design consisting of interlocked bearings, strengthened outer bearings and large bearing size relative to the size of the encoder. Other mechanical features include a wide temperature range (-30° to +120 °C), torque-proof stator couplings and vibration-proof plug connectors. The S36 also has a SIL3 rating for use in safety applications.

Sendix S36 encoders support all classical interfaces, including RS485 + Sin/Cos (HIPERFACE compatible), BiSS, BiSS Safety, BiSS-Line and HIPERFACE DSL, as well as open-source interfaces for the Single Cable Solution (SCS).

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