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Digital Optical Comparator with 5X Configuration

The 300 Series VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators are designed to be cost-effective field-of-view systems for quickly inspecting and measuring smaller parts. The new 5X configuration provides a wider field-of-view and a larger depth-of-field that extends the range of parts that can be checked using the 300 series. Specifically, the new 5X 300 Series machine can accommodate parts up to 6.4" (diagonal, i.e. 5.5" horizontal x 3.3" vertical) and up to 4" in height. The new 5X 300 Series VisionGauge also has a long working distance that provides 15" of clearance between the part and the lens.

Like all of the other 300 Series machines, it has high-resolution optics that can produce a geometrically accurate image and it also includes three independent light sources that are all LED-based and computer-controlled: transmitted (i.e., back) illumination as well as both on- and off-axis reflected (i.e., front) illumination. This allows the system to produce crisp, sharp edges and perform optimally even when working with hard-to-image materials (for example: shiny, reflective or even translucent surfaces) and difficult geometries (such as deep holes).

The VisionGauge 300 Series machines produce a high-resolution image to carry out fine, detailed inspections. And the system's image is displayed on a single high-resolution monitor.

The 300 Series include all of the VisionGauge tools, including the patented CAD Auto-Align and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail tools for fast automatic and operator-independent comparison of parts to their CAD file, as well as VisionGauge's broad measurement toolset.

Because they are field-of-view machines and no motion is involved, the 300 Series VisionGauge systems are designed to be fast. They can carry out hundreds of inspections and measurements seconds after putting the part down on the system. They can also accommodate multiple parts at once. All 300 Series systems have an intuitive software interface and are easy to use. They can be set up to be operated using the system's barcode reader and joystick. They have built-in SPC capability with charting and graphing and can automatically collect images and data. They also have extensive data exchange capabilities.

"The 300 Series VisionGauge systems have a convenient desktop configuration, no moving parts and no consumable parts. They provide many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance," said a company spokesperson. They are suitable for both the shop environment and the quality control lab. They are complete, ready to-run Windows-based solutions that are delivered network-ready and include on-site installation, NIST-traceable calibration and training.

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Ralph Lazarra

Product Manager-VisionGauge

Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

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