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Automation Cell Available with C Series of Production Turning Centers

INDEX annouced that the iXcenter automation cell is now available with its C Series turning centers. Docked to the machine and easily slid aside to enable unobstructed access to the work area, iXcenter supports fully automatic machine operation and flexibly manages raw material and finished parts. 

iXcenter features a space-saving vertical storage system with up to 22 stacked pallets measuring 600 mm x 400 mm. Pallets are loaded with blanks at the top of the system, while pallets with finished parts can be removed at the bottom. Loading and unloading can take place at any time with no interruption to production. Downstream processes such as cleaning, measuring, deburring and more can also be integrated directly into the cell. The system's 6-axis robot can handle materials and parts to a maximum weight of 6 kg. 

INDEX's C Series of machines includes the C100 and C200, which respectively accommodate bar stock of 42 mm and 65 mm or 90 mm. These production turning centers feature two or three turrets to offer high efficiency and complete machining of complex parts. The machines can optionally apply two Y axes to the main spindle or one Y-axis on both the main and counter spindles, allowing cycle times of complex operations to be minimized. 

Both the C100 and C200 can integrate up to three turrets with either 10 or 14 stations, allowing flexible production of a variety of parts. The turrets incorporate INDEX's patented W-serration to provide precise locating with minimal set-up times, allowing enhanced economical performance, even when working with small batches. 

INDEX SingleSlide is designed to further boost the productivity of the C Series machines by providing two degrees of movement in one plane. The system is composed of guide strips with a wear- and friction-reduced coating and hardened and surface-treated guide plates. SingleSlide allows for high dynamic response while providing strong damping performance, resulting in lower cycle times, tool life increases of up to 30% and enhanced part quality. 

Additionally, both C Series machines incorporate INDEX's cooling concept, whereby heat generated by the spindles, hydraulic unit and control cabinet is captured and removed through a central fluid circuit. This transfers heat energy from the machine without dissipating it to the surrounding environment. The system can be connected to a local cooling unit or central system, making it adaptable to a shop's existing production. 

Customers can select between a FANUC CNC 31i-B with 15" touchscreen or Siemens 840D sl with 18.5" touchscreen. The latter provides the basis of INDEX's iXpanel operating system and allows integration with a customer's existing network for Industry 4.0 functionality. 

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