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Haas Tool Presetter HTS400

The Haas HTS400 Tool Presetter comes complete with a high-precision ISO 40 tool sleeve capable of holding any 40-taper toolholder, including CAT40, BT40, SK40, DIN40, etc. Optional interchangeable tool sleeves include ISO 30, ISO 50 and HSK 63A. Each tool sleeve has a reference notch to ease calibration.

The package also includes a heavy-duty table with storage shelf, and a tool tray capable of holding 18 40-taper toolholders.

The HTS400 connects to a local area network (LAN), and the built-in software includes post-processors for Classic and Next Generation Haas controls, as well as dozens of other control types. The Haas post-processors format the tool measurement data into files that can be transferred to the Haas machine over the network, or written to a USB memory device to load directly into a machine control.

The preferred method is to use the provided thermal printer and the Haas industrial data matrix scanner. The HTS400 package includes everything needed to print a label for each tool, with offset data imbedded in a data matrix code, similar to a QR code.

The HTS400 software formats the measured tool data and other tool information into a data matrix code. The connected thermal printer then prints a label for each tool. Use the Tool File Wizard or the Tool Scan Wizard feature on Haas NGC controls (software version or later) and the included wireless industrial data matrix scanner to scan the tool data from each label, and update the tool offsets in the control as each tool is being loaded into the Haas machine.

The Haas Wireless Industrial Data Matrix Scanner uses 2.4 GHz wireless operation utilizing a USB receiver. It also comes with a USB cable for wired connection to the Haas control, and for recharging the built-in 2,000 mAh battery.

The included thermal printer prints the tool data to the provided labels as a data matrix code, with the information embedded. "Direct thermal printing eliminates the need for costly ink or toner, and provides professional quality prints at 300 x 600 DPI. Printing is fast and efficient, and utilizes standard DYMO brand labels," said a company spokesperson.

The fully equipped Haas HTS400 features a user-friendly Windows-based operating system.

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