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powRgrip for WTO QuickFlex Quick-Change System

REGO-FIX USA has partnered with tooling system manufacturer WTO GmbH to develop a line of powRgrip holders for the QuickFlex quick-change driven toolholders for live turning systems. Featuring an ER-based back end and a proprietary thread and nut design, the powRgrip adapters are available in PG15 and PG25 sizes for the QuickFlex 25, 32 and 40 Series.

Due to the shorter length of the QuickFlex adapter, a PG-ST (powRgrip short-tail) collet has been designed to help ensure the highest level of process security and the lowest possible runout. These short-tail collets are roughly 10 mm shorter than standard powRgrip collets, allowing for a short nose on the end of the QuickFlex adapter. However, these systems are fully compatible with standard powRgrip clamping units and are available in most imperial and metric sizes.

"The powRgrip system generates extremely high clamping forces equal to or higher than shrink-fit holders for safe, precise and cost-effective toolholding," said a company spokesperson. "The system relies on the interference between holder and collet to generate its clamping force. Unlike other clamping systems where heat or hydraulics are used to expand the material, powRgrip uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force. As a result, REGO-FIX guarantees the TIR of a properly maintained powRgrip holder and collet will not exceed 0.0001 in. and the impregnated surface treatment will not erode for five years or 20,000 cycles."

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