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Reusable Absorbent Products Solutions

Closed Loop Recycling (CLR), a provider of PPE and Absorbent Recycling solutions, will exhibit a line of reusable absorbent products and PPE recycling capabilities in booth A6043.

"CLR's vendor managed PPE Recycling Program allows for savings on launderable PPE items like gloves, sleeves, jackets, vests and aprons of up to 80% compared to disposal and re-purchase," said a company spokesperson. "High quality laundering, metal detection, reporting and transit are all included in a simple, per-pair price. CLR launders gloves and sleeves from any manufacturer, allowing the customer to continue purchasing PPE from the same source, but reducing cost by re-using their inventory instead of re-purchasing. With a core focus on customer service, CLR offers free employee training, trials, customized distribution racking and a digital customer portal to access all documents like Sustainability Reports."

Although PPE Recycling is the fastest growing segment for CLR services, it has been offering absorbent recycling services for 25 years. Reusable absorbent pads, socks and wipers allow for the elimination of disposable products and the associated disposal fees for incineration. Vendor managed services are set up on site for CLR to distribute clean material, recollect dirty material and provide Sustainability Reporting as the waste stream is eliminated. Once transported back to a CLR Laundering Center, fluid is extracted from the absorbent pads for reuse at an EPA approved refinery and the pads and collection containers are laundered for reuse by the customer.

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Closed Loop Recycling

5555 Manchester Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


FABTECH Booth A6043

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