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Increase Unmanned Production

Royal Products offers the Royal Rota-Rack, an automatic accumulator that can be used with any bar-fed CNC lathe to safely collect finished parts as they exit the machine.

"The Royal Rota-Rack unlocks hours of extra unmanned production potential. Simply load the bar feeder before leaving for the night and be greeted the next morning by a Rota-Rack full of finished parts," said a company spokesperson. "If your shop uses bar-fed CNC lathes, for a small investment you can run them extra hours every night without an operator."

The Royal Rota-Rack is designed to provide maximum part protection, which is especially useful for parts with delicate external features like threads, edges and corners. Each time the Rota-Rack collects a finished part, the turntable smoothly rotates to the next position to ensure that the following part will not forcefully collide with any of the previously-collected parts.

All contact surfaces of the Royal Rota-Rack and conveyor are covered with a high-lubricity UHMW plastic material to minimize friction and protect surface finishes. The Rota-Rack's unique spiral helps keep finished parts in sequential order, aiding in quality control/inspection.

The Heavy-Duty Royal Rota-Rack is available with two control options-deluxe control and basic control-and three conveyor options.

The deluxe control enables the Rota-Rack's operation to be matched to the machining cycle time. Three inputs are entered by the user: part cycle time, amount of rotation and auto-shutoff quantity. With this control, each time a part drops out of the machine, the Rota-Rack will energize and index. The deluxe control is useful for applications where accurate spacing is required to prevent delicate parts from coming into contact with each other.

The basic control eliminates operator input of the timing/rotation functions. With the basic control, the conveyor and turntable maintain a continuous low-RPM motion. No auto shut-off feature is available with the basic control.

Three conveyor options are available to handle all clearance needs. The conveyor bolts to the Rota-Rack and plugs directly into the control. The long conveyor includes a support leg.

"With a capacity much larger than a lathe's standard collection box, Rota-Rack typically pays for itself within just a few months by providing hours of highly profitable unmanned production for machines you already own, but are not getting the most out of," said the spokesperson.

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