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3-D Edge Finders

Bilz Tool Co. Inc. offers Diebold 3Dpro and 3Deco 3-D edge finders in a compact design. The 3Dpro is waterproof and the 3Deco is designed for dry surroundings. Applications include CNC mills, drill centers and EDM machines.

The edge finders provide spindle alignment in the XYZ axes, set reference points and align non-parallel components. Once the indicator shows zero, the spindle axis is exactly at the centerline. The edge finders feature exchangeable probes.

A 3D Protection System protects the measuring unit and mechanics from damage. The probes accept 3 mm over-travel in each direction. A mechanical limitation in the edge finder body will cause breakage of the probe at a desired brake point. This will prevent the measuring unit from any damage due to over-travel.

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Tim Fara

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