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Welding Innovations and Live Demos

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC will showcase its latest welding and safety equipment for the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries at FABTECH 2018. Representatives will be available to answer product and welding technology questions, and booth visitors can experience the new equipment firsthand through live welding demonstrations.

Welding demonstrations will highlight the benefits of comprehensive welding solutions - featuring Miller welding products, Hobart filler metals, Bernard semi-automatic MIG guns and Tregaskiss robotic MIG guns. Miller solutions at the show will include the following new products, welding automation and more:

  • Trailblazer 325 diesel welder/generator: Maximize runtimes and fuel efficiency and reduce expenses with the combination of Auto-Speed technology and Excel power. Now with five Auto-Speed RPM levels, operators can weld up to 135 amps while the engine remains at idle (1,800 RPM).
  • XMT 350 FieldPro with Polarity Reversing: "Industry-leading technology means there is no need to manually swap polarity, cables or hoses between welding processes such as stick and TIG," said a company spokesperson. Quick-Select technology automatically selects the welding process, correct polarity, cable outputs and welding parameters - for reduced training time and increased quality - while optimized stick and TIG performance is specifically designed for open root pipe welding.
  • Insight Centerpoint 10: An updated version of Centerpoint software, this solution is designed for greater ease of use, faster startup time and a shortened learning curve - so manufacturing operations can detect missed welds, verify proper weld sequences and ensure consistent weld quality.
  • ArcAgent for Insight Core: Get the benefits of weld data monitoring across the entire welding fleet - regardless of manufacturer - for a full understanding of productivity, arc-on time and weld parameters in the welding operation.

For more information contact:

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

P.O. Box 100

Lithonia, GA 30058


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