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Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Lathe

The You Ji VTL-1200ATC+C is a 49" table / 63" swing vertical turning lathe with full C-axis and live milling for heavy duty turning and milling of large sized workpieces. This heavy-duty, highly productive VTL weighs in at 72,600 lbs. and features a rigid vertical column and a Meehanite castings base that is heavily ribbed for reduced thermal distortion and vibration dampening. The machine has a symmetrical base and column design. It is designed for stand-alone applications or easy integration into production lines. The machine, that is suitable for industries such as aerospace, oil-field and energy, can be customized to meet virtually any production requirement.

The X and Z axes are a box way design with Turcite B applied to mating surfaces and hand scraped for precise fit and alignment. The ways are completely enclosed and a forced lubrication system assures high precision. This rigid system enables heavy duty machining and high precision. The Z-axis is a large 9" square ram made from cast steel that is extremely rigid even when extended the full 35.4". The precision class 3 ball screws are driven directly by the servomotors, eliminating belts or gears for high precision. The cross rail is moveable on box ways and is hydraulically clamped for rigidity and accuracy. The cross rail's movement is programmable and can move in 200 mm increments. The rail is clamped in position by positive locking pins to ensure the cross rail is always level.

The spindle construction is a heavy-duty design incorporating a high precision 24" O.D. / 18" I.D. Timken Cross Roller bearing to endure high axial and radial loads. The spindle also is protected from coolant contamination. Increased table torque is developed by the 60 HP FANUC high torque spindle motor coupled with the 2 speed ZF gear box. The 2 speed ZF gearbox transmits power through another intermediate gearbox and the table is then driven by a class 1 ring and pinion gear, which provides a further gear reduction and torque multiplication. Spindle / table torque is 9,220 ft-lbs., providing the power for heavy duty machining. A 100 HP table drive motor is optional for brute force turning.

The full 360,000 position CF-axis table is driven by automatically engaged / disengaged worm gear with a separate servo motor and gearbox. The C-axis is accurate due to the high resolution rotary scale mounted in the center of the table, reading true table position. The 2,400 RPM live milling spindle features a 20 HP spindle motor plus 2-speed gearbox, delivering increased power and torque for heavy milling, drilling and tapping.

The ATC stores 16 tools with a #50 taper (#60 taper optional) tool attachment. This umbrella style ATC provides shortest route tool selection and is completely shielded from chips and coolant. Thirty-two, 48, 60 and larger tool magazines are optional. Chip control is enhanced as chips and coolant wash directly into the standard chip conveyor and the full square guard enclosure contains chips and coolant.

A FANUC OiT-D control with Manual Guide i Conversational programming is standard.

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