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EPIC CNC Technology for Legacy Hydromat Machines

Hydromat Inc. offers a new add-on EPIC RS (Remote System) and EPIC SS (System Six) for upgrading older hydraulically driven Legacy style Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines to CNC capability.

The EPIC R/T machines introduced in 2003 contained a newly created full CNC drive system that offered a simple plug-and-play control architecture for each tool spindle. Now, Hydromat has simplified CNC hardware components in order to reduce the overall cost of adding EPIC CNC technology to existing Hydromat machines.

The new EPIC RS consists of a control unit for a single EPIC tool spindle and a compact tablet computer used for programming, offering users the advantage of EPIC EMC (Embedded Motion Control) technology on machines that previously could not be added to Legacy Hydromat machine. A tablet computer is plugged into the RS to download the cutting program. The tablet can then be moved to another EPIC unit or carried away for programming work to be done off-line, away from the shop floor. The Legacy Hydromat's control stays intact and works as before. The EPIC RS tablet computer will hold all of the programs and can be moved from unit to unit as needed. The EPIC RS can be used for adding one to three EPIC Units on one machine, or a number of units on several machines.

The new EPIC SS (System Six) connects up to six EPIC CNC tool spindle units on one Legacy Hydromat machine. It comes standard with the full size EPIC operator interface on a stand-alone floor mounted pedestal. The original control and the new EPIC SS control work hand-in-hand giving users a fast upgrade to multi-unit, multi-axis EPIC CNC Hydromat capabilities, according to the company. This plug-and-play control system is added to a machine and the Legacy Hydromat's control stays intact and works as before. Legacy Hydromat users can use EPIC Toolspindle Units they may have in stock or can purchase new units from Hydromat Inc.

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