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Solving Metal Cutting Challenges

Double Octomill face milling cutter that provides 16 cutting edges to minimize cost per edge for a lower cost per part.

Turbo 10 series of square shoulder milling cutters that features more inserts with new geometries and radii as well as helical cutters for increased machining flexibility in tough materials.

"Seco Tools will spotlight innovative metal cutting solutions paired with unique manufacturing techniques. Products on display will include an enhanced Turbo 10 series of square shoulder mills, the Double Octomill face milling cutter and the Square 6 milling cutter," said a company spokesperson.

Turbo 10 Square Shoulder Mills

The Turbo 10 series of square shoulder milling cutters now includes more inserts with new geometries and radii as well as helical cutters for increased machining flexibility in tough materials.

The insert range expansion includes both direct pressed and ground insert alternatives with corner radii ranging from 0.4 mm to 3.1 mm. The new geometries for the ground insert range are designed for increased performance in materials with unique challenges, including aluminum, stainless steels and titanium alloys.

The new helical cutters are suited for helical shoulder milling applications that require process stability, flexibility and high precision. The cutters are available in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 54 mm and include Weldon, Seco Weldon, Combimaster heads, Seco-Capto and Arbor mounting options.

All Turbo 10 cutters include precision milled pocket seats that provide optimal contact between the tool body and insert. The Turbo 10 cutters have integrated through-coolant channels for chip evacuation. Turbo 10 cutters work in slotting, shouldering, ramping, facing, pocketing, plunging and turn milling applications.

Double Octomill Face Milling Cutter

The Double Octomill face milling cutter is versatile in that it can be used for both roughing and finishing operations. The Double Octomill provides 16 cutting edges.

Seco achieves 16 cutting edges because each pocket on the Double Octomill cutter features a negative axial angle that allows for the use of double-sided inserts. The inserts themselves use a positive rake angle to minimize power consumption.

"Seco is the only company to develop insert pockets with a strong center lock screw and grooves for axial and radial high speed steel (HSS) location pins. These pins increase tool life because the pockets do not wear out as fast when compared with a traditional face mill. Additionally, each pocket features a hard HV 700 coating that protects the tool from wear and prevents chips from welding onto the cutter," said the spokesperson.

The Double Octomill is available in three different pitch versions. On the normal and normal+ versions, the insert locks into place via a center lock mounting with a screw. The close pitch version offers wedge mounting using a new self-orientating wedge.

Square 6 Milling Cutter

Square 6 milling cutters have three cutting edges on each side, six in total, to perform a variety of operations, including face milling, contouring, plunging, slotting and square shoulder milling.

The Square 6 features a hardened-steel, nickel coated cutter body. The cutter's pockets are precision machined to produce an insert that locates at a true 90-degree angle. The Square 6 has three different pitch designs in both inch and metric diameter ranges.

Square 6 is available in three geometries, two radii, eight grades and six indexable cutting edges, with peripheral ground inserts.

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