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July 2014

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Fanless Automation Panels with Multi-Touch

The Panel PC 900 is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

The new Panel PC 900 with multi-touch functionality uses state-of-the-art processors - up to and including Intel Core i7 technology. Combining new display sizes with multi-touch operation, B&R's new flagship system is more versatile, even offering full compatibility with the previous device generation, according to the company.

The Panel PC 900 takes advantage of the projected capacitive touch screen also used in the automation panel widescreen display series. With an edge-to-edge, anti-glare glass surface and high-resolution monitors, functionality and design have been integrated into a single operator panel. Displays ranging from 15.6" to 24" with full HD resolution.

These multi-touch displays allow new and innovative user interactions, such as zooming with two fingers or quickly paging forward with swipe gestures. In addition, two-hand gestures for critical or potentially dangerous operations provide an effective way of preventing unintentional operator errors.

Systems in the Panel PC 900 series are available as widescreen displays in addition to the traditional 4:3 format. Equipped with an analog resistive touch screen and display sizes ranging from 12.1" to 19", Panel PC 900 single-touch systems provide full compatibility with the previous device generation with respect to screen resolution and dimensions.

Many Panel PC 900 variants can be operated without fans. "Used together with SSD drives and/or CFast cards, these systems completely eliminate rotating components, making maintenance work such as regularly replacing the air filter a thing of the past," said a company spokesperson.

B&R Industrial Automation provides customers with technology for machine and process automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology.

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