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July 2015

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Collaborative Dual-Arm Robot
Twin-Spindle VMCs Triple as Horizontals and 5-Sided Machines
New Family of 4-Axis Robots
Rack and Pinion Reducers with Stiff Housing Design
Automated Drill and Rivet System for High-Speed Blind Fastening
New Design for Compact Motor Series
New Sealed Linear Actuators for Lighter Loads
Digital Factory Software Platform for Cross-Process Integration
New Robot Designed with Elevated Payload
150 More Parts Added to Automation Line
Bar Machining of Complex Parts
Automation Options for Mill-Turn Centers
New Robot for Compact PalletizingDepalletizing
Advanced Pallet Changing Expands Capacity
Laser Technology Now Available in the U.S.
Twin Table Robotic Grit-Blast System
Re-Engineered Bar Feeder Automates Part Production
Faster Lead Time for Swiss Collets
Complete Factory Automation Manufacturing Systems
Touch-and-Scan Robotic Inspection Cell
Expanded Pallet Handling System
Engineering Services Available to Manufacturers
Automation Products Designed to Boost Production
4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center with 3-Point Leveling
Sub-Spindle Multitasking Turning Center
Microscan Machine Vision Cameras Chosen for UR5 Inline Robotic Inspection System
Automatic Door Systems Improve Machining Center Productivity
New Jaw Type High RPM Shaft Coupling
NIC for Control and Visualization of High-Speed Systems
Multifunction Twin-Spindle Lathe with Compact Platform
Swivel Unit Features Mid-Position Locking Bumper Concept
Standardized Linear Motor Axes for High-Speed Assembly
Strong Arm Robots with Machining Units
Compact and Flexible Automation Systems
Robot Offers Easy Entry for Laser Welding
UHF ReadWrite Head Extends RFID Capabilities
Flexible Lightweight Tabletop Robot Works Alongside Humans
3-Axis Automation System
Versatile Robot for Range of Applications
Position Control Device for Timing Adjustments
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Automated Drill and Rivet System for High-Speed Blind Fastening

The Robo-Rivet can accommodate many types and sizes of blind rivets.

The Robo-Rivet automated drill and rivet tool

The Robo-Rivet provides a solution for automating the blind rivet fastening process.

ARM Automation recently introduced the Robo-Rivet automated drilling and riveting system designed to support the aggressive shift towards lightweight and dissimilar materials within high throughput manufacturing environments.

"The move away from steel has prompted manufacturers to explore fastening technologies outside of welding, such as joining with adhesives and mechanical fasteners," said a company spokesperson. "The technical advantages of the blind rivet make this fastener an ideal choice for single-sided fastening; however, the fastening process has traditionally required manual intervention by an operator. The Robo-Rivet now allows manufacturers to automate the blind rivet fastening process on the production line.

"By automating the drilling and riveting processes, the Robo-Rivet effectively decreases the fastening cycle time when compared to the manual process. Automation also complements the characteristics of the blind rivet by increasing the joint quality through matched drilling and repeatable fastening. Other benefits include labor and ergonomic savings, fastening capabilities in hazardous locations and enhanced productivity."

The Robo-Rivet features servo controlled rivet and drill axes, automated rivet feed and pintail collection, fastener inspection, chip collection, process data acquisition and adjustable drill/rivet recipes for each fastener location. The Robo-Rivet tool can be mounted onto a robot for use with complex structures or attached to a stationary stanchion for linear fastening.

The Robo-Rivet is suitable for use in the automotive, agriculture equipment, rail car, truck and trailer manufacturing environments. Typical applications include aluminum structure fastening, mixed materials joining and fixation for adhesive bonding.

For more information contact:

ARM Automation Inc./Robo-Rivet

14121 West Hwy 290, Bldg 4

Austin, TX 78737


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