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July 2015

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Collaborative Dual-Arm Robot
Twin-Spindle VMCs Triple as Horizontals and 5-Sided Machines
New Family of 4-Axis Robots
Rack and Pinion Reducers with Stiff Housing Design
Automated Drill and Rivet System for High-Speed Blind Fastening
New Design for Compact Motor Series
New Sealed Linear Actuators for Lighter Loads
Digital Factory Software Platform for Cross-Process Integration
New Robot Designed with Elevated Payload
150 More Parts Added to Automation Line
Bar Machining of Complex Parts
Automation Options for Mill-Turn Centers
New Robot for Compact PalletizingDepalletizing
Advanced Pallet Changing Expands Capacity
Laser Technology Now Available in the U.S.
Twin Table Robotic Grit-Blast System
Re-Engineered Bar Feeder Automates Part Production
Faster Lead Time for Swiss Collets
Complete Factory Automation Manufacturing Systems
Touch-and-Scan Robotic Inspection Cell
Expanded Pallet Handling System
Engineering Services Available to Manufacturers
Automation Products Designed to Boost Production
4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center with 3-Point Leveling
Sub-Spindle Multitasking Turning Center
Microscan Machine Vision Cameras Chosen for UR5 Inline Robotic Inspection System
Automatic Door Systems Improve Machining Center Productivity
New Jaw Type High RPM Shaft Coupling
NIC for Control and Visualization of High-Speed Systems
Multifunction Twin-Spindle Lathe with Compact Platform
Swivel Unit Features Mid-Position Locking Bumper Concept
Standardized Linear Motor Axes for High-Speed Assembly
Strong Arm Robots with Machining Units
Compact and Flexible Automation Systems
Robot Offers Easy Entry for Laser Welding
UHF ReadWrite Head Extends RFID Capabilities
Flexible Lightweight Tabletop Robot Works Alongside Humans
3-Axis Automation System
Versatile Robot for Range of Applications
Position Control Device for Timing Adjustments
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Automation Options for Mill-Turn Centers

The EMCO Maier Hyperturn 45 turning and milling center is geared for applications in automotive and general engineering. It features high-performance main and counter spindles, two tool systems, a stable Y-axis, a thermo-symmetrical machine construction, compact dimensions and a range of intelligent automation solutions.

A 3-axis portal in the machine permits convenient automated loading and unloading, and users are offered a choice of automation options. The machine system includes measurement, deburring and cleaning stations.

In addition to the flexible gripper system, the machine includes a palletizing cell designed to meet the customer's workpiece requirements or blanks to be processed. The work area includes loading ports that retract downward.

Autoloading Options for Turn-Mill

  • Unloading through the counter spindle

The enlarged spindle nose (A2-5) enables the unloading of bar stock parts with a diameter of up to 45 mm through the spindle. The parts are generally set down onto an inclined surface, or alternatively onto a controlled discontinuous belt, preventing damage to workpieces.

  • Swing loader

This compact and fast loading device for any kind of pre-formed blanks is integrated into the basic machine. With a longitudinal swivel movement, the gripper picks up the blanks from the feeding system (discontinuous belt or feed track) and loads them into the machine spindle. The parts catcher typically transports and sets down the finished part away from the working area.

EMCO's NC-controlled compact swing loader is designed for easy programming. Combining linear movement with rotation, the automation process works in short strokes, quickly orienting loading of raw workpieces in the machine spindle, and removing finished parts to a conveyor. Grippers can be quickly changed to accommodate different parts or blanks.

  • TopLoad

TopLoad, also developed by EMCO, can be used to load up to 3-meter long bar stock into the machine automatically. With a patented guidance system, it takes only one to two minutes to change from one diameter to another. Steady rests adjusted to the stock diameter guide the bar stock smoothly, keeping production conditions quiet.

"Even the basic version of the Hyperturn 45 now offers a Y-axis with 70 mm traveling distance in the upper and a Z2-axis in the lower carriage system," said a company spokesperson. "The water-cooled main and counter spindle motors provide a higher drive power of 15 kW and feature a maximum speed of 7,000 RPM and higher torque of 100 Nm. The latest Siemens Sinumerik 840D-sl control and drive system, the Solution Line, makes programming the machine easy and effective. A fold-out PC keyboard is an ergonomic plus."

For more information contact:

EMCO Maier Corporation

46850 Magellan Drive

Unit 160

Novi, MI 48377-2448




Glenn Wise

Wise Machinery

2108 Franklin Drive

Arlington, TX76011



Kelly Sewell

Regal Machine

9840 Tanner Rd.

Houston, TX 77041




Chris Miller

Crotts & Saunders

4000 Silas Creek Parkway

Winston Salem, NC 27104


AL, FL (Panhandle), GA, MS, TN

Lester Mercer

Mercer Machinery

3961 Mission Hills Dr.

Memphis, TN 38125



Greg Myer

Myer Machinery

P.O. Box 915326

Longwood, FL 32791




Willie Eichele

Motch & Eichele

297 Ascot Parkway

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223



Dick Holley

Machine Tool Network

Eastwood Station

Syracuse, NY 13206


CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, NY (Long Island)

Andrew Creed

Realm Machine Co.

12 Crossroads Plaza

West Hartford, CT 06137



Jeffrey Mayer

Jones Kinden Co.

829 Lincoln Ave.

West Chester, PA 19380




Willie Eichele

Motch & Eichele

297 Ascot Parkway

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223



Chris Boyajian

CNC Services

1235 Humbracht Circle

Barlett, IL 60103


WI, MI (U.P.)

A. J. Schweda

Premier Machine Tool

P.O. Box 102

Hartland, WI 53029




Karl Cordas

Tornquist Machinery Co.

320 N. Palm Street, #D

Brea, CA 92821


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