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New Ultrasonic Metalcutting Machining Center

Litz Hitech Corporation recently unveiled the UX-500, the first machining center by Litz to feature ultrasonic technology. The UX-500 can be used both as a general-purpose machining center as well as an ultrasonic machine, allowing the user to operate across the entire material spectrum.

Ultrasonic technology was designed to handle very hard or brittle materials that would not have been machined easily in the past. In ultrasonic machining, an electrical high frequency signal is transmitted through the spindle to a receiver in the toolholder, which in turn causes the cutting tool to vibrate between ranges of 20-32 KHz. Main applications of the UX-500 include ceramic, sapphire, silicon carbide, aluminum silicon carbide, super alloys and hard, brittle materials such as glass. The flexibility and accuracy of ultrasonic machining also results in a higher surface quality.

"By localizing the ultrasonic vibrations to the tool only, the UX-500 can execute a seamless tool change between conventional machining methods and ultrasonic machining. This localization also increases spindle lifetime and results in higher material removal rates," said a company spokesperson.

Extension Development

The ultrasonic applications of the UX-500 can be combined with a laser function to increase cutting efficiency, cutting cycle time and cutting capabilities. With these hybrid functions, the processing steps can be simplified. Ultrasonic functions can also be applied to the larger model of the machining centers according to the user's individual application as long as machine adaptations are made to accommodate the ultrasonic function.

The UX-500 is equipped with a Mitsubishi M80 control suitable for high-speed data processing from the ultrasonic feature. Other features include a generous XYZ stroke of 19.6" x 15.7" x 13", a high speed spindle RPM of 20,000, an arm type 24 tool ATC and a BT30 tool shank with HSK-40E option.

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