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New Series of CNC Mills

Tormach Inc., supplier of Personal CNC (PCNC) milling machines, has introduced its latest CNC mills, the 1100M and 770M. The new M series incorporates over two years of upgrades, optimization and customer feedback.

The 1100M and 770M machines feature:

  • Newly-designed enclosure and stand for better chip evacuation
  • More robust spindle drives (1.5 HP for the 770M, and 2 HP for the 1100M)
  • Ethernet-based control system for improved diagnostics
  • Plug & play accessories for easy installation
  • 1100M has increased Y-travel and a faster spindle (7,500 RPM) for improved cutting performance.

"With these new mills, customers will be able to start cutting parts on the 770M for around $15,000 and on the 1100M for around $17,000," said Matt Berggruen, Tormach Product Engineer. "That includes a power drawbar, stand, enclosure, basic tooling and coolant. We have worked hard to make these the most affordable, highest performance CNC mills of their type on the market today."

The 770M and 1100M have the power to cut stainless steel, titanium and pre-hardened tool steel.

Berggruen said, "In addition, Tormach plans to introduce servo-driven versions of these two mills, the 770MX and 1100MX, in winter 2018." The MX series of machines will add an encoder to the spindle for rigid tapping, a BT-30 spindle and servos for the X-, Y- and Z-axes. "Our new M Series machines will be easily upgradeable to the MX Series," he said.

For more information contact:

Tormach Inc.

1071 Uniek Drive

Waunakee, WI 53597


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