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Grinding Solutions for Aerospace

AZ provides a complete range of grinding machines for the manufacture and maintenance of critical components of aircraft engines and landing gear.

The machines can be equipped with a wide range of wheel head configurations, straight, angular and B-axis. The integration of O.D. and I.D. grinding in one machine reduce the machining cycle time. Conventional, CBN and diamond grinding wheels allow grinding of different materials and surface treatments including chromium and HVOF. The grinding wheels feature an identification microchip that allows the installation without errors. The machines can be equipped with gap bed to allow for large diameter swing components. The counter-weighted work head balances asymmetric workpieces and offers a maximum swiveling diameter up to 6 m.

"The most advanced technology is used on the machines, including: in-process measurement device to prevent run-out, shape error detection, Automatic wheel balancing system, probing for different position measuring, automatic shape control, taper correction," said a company spokesperson.

To grind heavy duty asymmetrical landing gears, AZ has designed a new orbital grinding machine that features a rotary table that allows grinding of all sides of a component without workpiece displacment.

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