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Direct Robot Control Function

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced a new standard feature for its M8 series CNC controls: Direct Robot Control. This latest feature adds to the lineup of standard features on its M8 line of CNC controls.

The Robot Direct Control function is designed to allow easy control of a robot through a Mitsubishi M8 Series CNC Controller. Easily connected by an Ethernet cable, with a robot-dedicated HMI screen, Mitsubishi has eliminated the need for daily use of the Robot Pendant Screen, making it easier for the end-user. The CNC will be able to control the programming, and other functions or movement of the Robot (such as deburring, inspection, etc.), during the CNCs regular machining process.

Data provided on these screens include:

  • Status of the robot
  • Automatic operation of the robot via robot-dedicated G-code commands, inside the CNC memory
  • Manual operation of the robot via the CNC Hand Wheel as well as dedicated on screen jog buttons
  • Buttons to accommodate the motion of end of arm tooling (example: Open and Close gripper). 

G-Codes will be available for commands such as Robot ON/OFF, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, absolute and incremental dimensioning and Robot coordinate system setting. The robot velocity or acceleration can be set through programming with a simple percentage setting (1-100%). Robot Joint Interpolation commands can be used, enabling the robot to determine the fastest motion from Point A to point B. Conversely, Robot Linear Interpolation can also be used in which the robot will choose a straight-line path from Point A to Point B. The added benefit to incorporating G-Code programming into the CNC is that end users familiar with it can easily apply their previous knowledge of G-Code programs. The CNC is able to integrate with different robot manufacturers. 

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