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Mobile Sortation Solution

6 River Systems (6RS), a provider of fully collaborative mobile robotics solution, offers Mobile Sort, a solution that enables warehouse operators to intelligently generate and fulfill batched orders using 6RS robots, mobile sort stations and cloud-based software enhanced with machine learning.

"Each-picking operations are under bigger-than-ever market pressure to pick faster and scale for peak seasons with fewer seasonal hires," Jerome Dubois, 6RS co-CEO and co-founder said. "6 River Systems' Mobile Sort improves throughput with a picking and sorting solution that is mobile and flexible, helping operators who are crunched for time, capital and resources balance performance and cycle times."

Mobile Sort stations consist of smart kiosks, mobile put-to-light walls with validation sensors that work with 6RS' cloud-based software and 6RS collaborative robots, called "Chucks." "6RS' intelligent allocation engine continuously generates highly optimized batches of work that groups orders into the most efficient picking jobs, minimizing walking," said a company spokesperson. Chucks deliver empty totes to associates in active picking areas and direct associates to complete picks. Totes are then delivered to take-off points, where they are sorted into orders using the Mobile Sort stations.

"Equipped with product images and put lights, Mobile Sort stations further assist associates to sort items into customer orders with speed and accuracy," said the spokesperson. The entire solution, from robots to sortation and packout stations, is powered by 6RS' machine learning that drives efficient picking and system performance. Not only does Mobile Sort improve pick rates, but it is also used to consolidate picks across different areas or automation into discrete orders; for example, across mezzanine levels or from goods-to-person automation solutions.

"Mobile Sort is quick to set up and break down, and does not require any permanent infrastructure," Gillan Hawkes, 6RS VP of Product, said. "Unlike traditional automation, Mobile Sort can be easily scaled up or down to handle seasonality and to reclaim precious floor space."

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