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Function Package for Flexible Machine Tool Tending

FlexLoader FP 600 with IRB 2600 robot.

The ABB FlexLoader FP 600 is a pre-engineered and well-tested function package for machine tool tending. The main benefits are the enhanced flexibility and small limitations when it comes to size or weight of workpieces. Due to the flexible layout, it can be adapted for most kinds of machine tool tending operations as well as pre- and post-operations such as deburring, air cleaning, workpiece marking, washing and quality control.

Unmanned Production

The simplicity of the built-in vision system, FlexLoader Vision, dedicated for machine tool tending lets the operator teach-in new workpieces in just a few minutes.

To operate the function package, the operator places the workpieces to be processed on a conveyor belt. The belt also functions as a buffer: the robot picks a workpiece and feeds to one or more processing machines. Due to this, FlexLoader FP 600 provides the opportunity of unmanned production for long periods of time.

The system can be integrated into existing production lines where workpieces come separated from each other. The robot can also place finished workpieces directly onto pallets.

A Variety of Conveyor Combinations

FlexLoader FP 600 offers a complete range of conveyor combinations depending on cell layout needs. Choose between one to three in and out conveyors and place them either next to each other or on top.

Features and benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for robot guidance
  • Tight integration of control and communication with robot
  • Scalable up to four cameras
  • Automatic gripping tool collision avoidance
  • Simplified teach-in for lathes
  • High performance FlexLoader Vision algorithms from Matrox Imaging
  • Identification and discrimination of different objects by using tools for image preparation, enhancement and various verification methods
  • Ready to use RAPID application code templates
  • Graphical user interface with PLC integration
  • Automates one to four processing machines
  • Reduces the operator time up to 60% compared to manual tending
  • Can handle fragile and complex geometric workpieces
  • No need for special fixtures
  • Flexible layout.

Included in FlexLoader FP 600:

  • FlexLoader Vision for machine tool tending
  • Stand for vision camera
  • Calibration tools
  • A suitable ABB robot depending on payload and reach
  • Integrated robot controller and electrical equipment
  • Conveyor feeding system depending on need
  • RAPID code for FlexLoader Vision and FlexLoader FP 600 as well as application code templates.

For more information contact:

ABB Robotics, Inc.

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