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Electric Forklifts and Charger Solutions

BYD recently introduced its lineup of forklifts and a battery charger.

"BYD's motto, 'Forklifts Simplified' applies to its entire lineup of safe, reliable and proven forklifts built around BYD's industry leading iron phosphate battery," said a company spokesperson.

"BYD's material handling vehicles can operate across multiple shifts without the need to change or replace batteries," said Terry Rains, BYD's Director Forklift Division, North America. "Each forklift includes a leading-edge Battery Management System and - at 10 years - it is the longest battery warranty in the business."

The BYD forklift lineup ranges in load capability from 3,500 lbs. up to 10,700 lbs. All feature 80-volt battery technology, motors and controllers, LED lights (front-rear-strobe), LCD display, 4-way hydraulic valve, rear grab-handle with horn and rearview mirrors.

Standard safety features include corner speed reduction, ramp hold assist, operation presence sensor and orange seatbelt interlock. "BYD's forklifts make for a better work environment with less noise, air pollution and vibration than those using internal combustion engines. They also have fewer parts, lowering maintenance costs," said the spokesperson.

BYD also offers its new 110-volt plug & play charger. Instead of wrestling with a cumbersome 480 volt charging system, customers will be able to plug in a forklift into a standard socket just like a small appliance.

"This is rental re-invented," Rains said. "The 110-volt charger creates a new charging solution for customers who may not use their forklift for an entire 8-hour shift."

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is an electric vehicle company with innovative technology for cars, buses, trucks, forklifts and rail systems - like SkyRail. "BYD is dedicated to creating a truly zero-emission ecosystem offering technology for solar electricity generation, energy storage to save that electricity and battery electric vehicles powered by that clean energy," said the spokesperson.

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