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Vision-Enabled Mobile Terminal

The MX-1000 vision-enabled mobile terminal allows users to leverage the latest mobile devices for their industrial barcode reading applications. The MX platform is both rugged and modular. The flexible design accepts a variety of both current and future generation smartphones and augments their capability in a fully ruggedized housing, tough enough to stand up to the most challenging environments. "The MX-1000 has Cognex patented class-leading 1DMax and 2DMax algorithms to give the fastest barcode reading performance on both 1D, 2D and even challenging direct part mark (DPM) codes," said a company spokesperson.

"The design of the MX-1000 makes any supported mobile device ready to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments," continued the spokesperson. The industrial-grade, rugged housing can handle up to 50 drops from 2 m onto concrete. It is IP-65 sealed and uses inductive wireless charging so there are no exposed electrical contacts to wear out or fail.

The MX platform is also future-proof and accepts a variety of Android and iOS smartphones. If a device needs to be repaired or upgraded, simply exchange the top cover kit to adapt the MX-1000 to any supported mobile device. The modular design means the customers' investment is protected and they are always ready for the latest technology. The pistol grip accessory doubles the MX-1000 battery capacity that powers both the scan engine and the mobile device.

MX-1000 vision-enabled mobile terminals are equipped with Cognex barcode reading algorithms. 1D and 2D label-based codes as well as challenging 2D DPM codes can be read quickly and easily. The MX-1000 leverages the latest communication technologies supported by a mobile device including 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and more.

The MX-1000 is suitable for applications in any industrial environment that require robust 1D and 2D barcode reading technology, including: couriers, field service, parcel delivery, transportation, logistics, utilities, telecommunications, cable companies, pharmaceutical, tobacco, automotive and manufacturing.

The MX-1000 has a selection of available accessories for charging and handling.

The sturdy belt holster attaches to any size belt and is made of industrial-grade materials to withstand heavy daily use.

The pistol grip handle offers an alternative configuration for comfortable "point & shoot" barcode reading. The handle contains a secondary battery that doubles the MX-1000 power capacity.

The wireless charging station eliminates charge failures from poor connections, ensuring a full charge in less than six hours. The spare battery can be fully charged in less than four hours.

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