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ProBend Press Brake Family

BLM GROUP USA has introduced a new line of press brakes to its portfolio of fabricating machinery. The new ProBend press brakes are available in the patented all-electric E-Series or the hybrid H-Series version. The ProBend E-Series is available in sizes from 44 to 276 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4' to 17'. The ProBend H-Series is available in sizes from 44 to 660 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4' to 20'.

"These high-precision press brakes offer reliability and high productivity, and are a perfect complement to the company's LS5 flat sheet lasers," said a company spokesperson.


The direct-drive design of this electric press brake has the ball screw directly connected to the torque motor, eliminating gear boxes and belts for fewer moving components.

"This precision Y1/Y2 press brake with positioning and repeatability of ±0.0001 inch is energy efficient, provides noise and maintenance-free operation as well as extremely fast approach, bending and ram return speeds," said the spokesperson. "The E-Series comes standard with a substantial amount of stroke and open height compared to industry standards, benefitting deep box or special forming needs. Built for optimum accuracy and high speeds on all 6 axes, the E-Series' CNC-controlled backgauge meets the demands of the most complex sheet metal applications for high-production manufacturing."


"As compared to traditional technology, the BLM ProBend Hybrid H-Series reduces energy demand by 35% while providing greater ram speed performance and an Y1/Y2 accuracy of ±0.0004 inch," said the spokesperson. It maintains a stable hydraulic fluid temperature that results in more consistent bending performance. It can be equipped with up to a 6-axis backgauge for processing tough applications.

All systems come with a 21.5" touchscreen console, enabling graphical or direct mode programming directly on the machine or offline. The console includes integrated views for various OLP software applications. The software automatically generates the part program from the imported CAD model and calculates the optimal bend sequence, stop positions and tooling set-up. A complete bending simulation, with automatic validations and checks, allows the user to verify the entire bending cycle and begin producing parts from the start.

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