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Efficient Mold Making with GEN MILL


BIG-PLUS dual-contact high-performance precision ground spindle

"Our modern society is enhanced by the many molded parts and components that we use every day," said an Expand Machinery spokesperson. "The machines used to make the molds that make these parts must be able to machine complex geometries efficiently in difficult to machine materials by combining high feedrates with minute moves to produce the fine surface finishes necessary to preclude the need for labor intensive hand finishing. These precision die sets then are used to produce countless automotive, medical, packaging, electronic and consumer products."

According to the company, the GEN MILL 5127 is capable by design of undertaking this demanding mold work through a series of standard features. "Heavy-duty cross-roller linear ways support all three axes, providing not only high rigidity and strength, but also enhancing table load capacity," said the spokesperson. "The cross-roller ways deliver twice the rigidity offered by standard ball-bearing ways and provide greater cutting capability and extended tool life. The cutting tool is supported in a BIG-PLUS dual contact high-performance precision ground spindle that features increased tool rigidity, reduced tool runout and increased tool length repeatability, cutting capability and tool life."

A 12,000 RPM direct drive spindle features 300 PSI through-the-tool coolant standard. A thermostatically controlled spindle oil cooler is included to maintain the proper spindle temperature necessary for the long-sustained spindle run time required for mold work. A separate coolant pump is included for chip wash down on all sides of the enclosure to flush chips into the twin chip augers so they can be easily discharged from the machine via the included belt-style chip conveyor. The machine table is 57.98" X 27.56" and has a 4,850 lb. table load capacity. The Z-axis travel is 25.59" with a rapid traverse rate of 984 IPM and a cutting feedrate of 393 IPM. A 30-tool twin-arm CAT#40 tool changer provides a new tool in 3.7 seconds.

"The CNC control performs a critical role in the successful processing of precision molds," said the spokesperson. "Mold work is notorious for long running programs that have small steps that must be executed quickly to ensure a smooth work surface. The Mitsubishi M830 high-performance CNC controller has a blazing block processing speed of 270,000 blocks per minute with a 2,700-block look-ahead with a 32 GB solid state data server to ensure that there is no lag in data being fed to the high-performance Mitsubishi servo drives." The control features Nano Smoothing and Super Smooth Surface Control for enhanced surface finishes and reduced cycle time. Tolerance Control is also provided to allow for a variable deviation amount for rough and finish machining. Mid-Program restart can be accomplished to quickly resolve a tool breakage episode.

"The GEN MILL machines are available in seven sizes, from 2416 to 10039, and are all built to deliver superior accuracy and fine surface finishes using cross-roller ways, a BIG-PLUS spindle and advanced control features that all add up so you can efficiently and profitability get the job done right the first time, one mold at a time," concluded the spokesperson.

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