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Micro Robot Controller

KUKA Robotics Corporation's latest advancement in its line of robot controllers is the new KR C5 micro.

"The robot controller features a compact design, yet it provides the same, if not more, capabilities and storage capacities as full-sized controllers," said a company spokesperson. "The new controller is for the company's KR AGILUS and KR 6 SCARA families of robots, and its compact size saves floor space and provides significantly increased mounting flexibility along with seamless integration of software and robot compatibility."

With an overall volume of 16 liters and weighing 9 kg, the KR C5 micro allows users to mount the controller horizontally or vertically in a wall mounted/bookshelf orientation or stack multiple units on top of each other, or with an existing standard 19" rack mount cabinet. Optional mounting brackets for controller fastening allow the new controller to adapt to existing industry standard rack mount rails for having multiple robot controllers within a single cabinet. With a lighter, more compact design, the KR C5 micro is easy to deliver/ship, set up and relocate if needed.

The KR C5 micro operates on 220V single-phase power and comes equipped with the latest KUKA System Software (KSS), version 8.7, that gives users the ability to easily migrate programs from their existing KR C4 controllers under KSS 8.6 over to the new KR C5 micro. This capability eliminates the need to rewrite existing programs. Available software tech packages for the new controller make particular processes smooth and easy, including dispensing, laser applications, gripper control and more.

Accessories for the KR C5 micro include power cables, external battery box, all necessary plugs, mounting brackets and, as optional, removable SSD card and 19" rail mounting frame. For additional flexibility in battery backup, KUKA's options allow for the use of either a KUKA battery or users can supply their own uninterruptable power source. KUKA also gives users the option to use one battery for up to three robots via a simple cable connection.

For more information contact:

KUKA Robotics Corporation

51870 Shelby Parkway

Shelby Township, MI 48315-1787


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