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Control Removal of Fume and Dust

IVEC offers its E-Z GATES for the control of dust collection systems and the regulation of dust- and fume-laden air.

"E-Z GATES are electric, not pneumatic, thus eliminating the need for compressed air. As a result, they also eliminate the costs associated with maintaining a compressed air solution and the downtime and maintenance costs that can result from corrosion caused by moisture within compressed air," said a company spokesperson.

The E-Z GATES feature a welded body and structural supports that resist deformation under large external loads and 100" WC of vacuum pressure. The solution is 30% smaller and 10% lighter than the previous model, can be installed horizontally or vertically and features a stiffer gate body that helps the gate maintain a true seal.

"To ensure outstanding gate performance, this proprietary system is engineered to eliminate blade pinching by using a unique blade and seal design. The design also prevents particulate build-up that typically impedes the opening and closing of other gates. Users have an option of choosing flanged, rolled lip adapters, or raw metal edge supporting the chosen duct style design," said the spokesperson.

E-Z GATES are compatible with IVEC Systems' on-demand dust collection controls, which open and close E-Z Gates automatically based on system demands.

E-Z GATES come in a wide range of sizes and options that can be tailored to fit various dust collection or fume extraction needs.

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