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Machine-Optimized ESPRIT CAM Solutions for Willemin-Macodel

ESPRIT digital twin of Willemin-Macodel 508MT2

ESPRIT's highly optimized support for Willemin-Macodel

Willemin-Macodel is a supplier of made-to-measure machining solutions for complex, high precision workpieces in industries like watchmaking, jewelry, medical, aviation and more.

"Due to the innovative configuration and complexity of certain mill-turn machines (508MT, 508MT2 X400, 408MT), programming and simulating using conventional computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software can be a challenge. Without the right software to drive those powerful machines, it is difficult to fully utilize their capabilities and realize their complete benefits," said a spokesperson.

By working directly with Willemin-Macodel and a number of key clients, ESPRIT CAM engineers developed highly optimized support for Willemin-Macodel within its CAM software to improve the user experience and programming efficiency for the MT series, including output of machine-optimized, edit-free G-code.

Some of ESPRIT's key capabilities for these machines include:

  • Create and sort operations in the required work coordinates
  • Optimize simulation to match the output NC code and actual machine behavior
  • Display various operation information to make programming in ESPRIT easier
  • Provide a simple interface to set global machine settings
  • Offer an easy way to mount vise jaws on the turret
  • Offer a quick solution to mount chuck and collet on the main and sub spindles
  • Allow programming of tailstock engage and disengage cycles
  • Enable programming of vise steady rest engage and disengage cycles
  • Let the user flag a milling operation as a cut-off operation.

ESPRIT CAM engineers also worked closely with Willemin machine specialists to create a turn-key digital machine package consisting of post-processors and virtual machines for the MT series. This eliminates the time spent on editing the G-code and streamlines the machine set-up and first article run-off for the end users.

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