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Micro Blasting Fine Finishing

EDM Network subsidiary EDMMAX offers the HGH System. The solution is designed to improve EDM surfaces quickly without damaging any fine details, like sharp edges on a punch or die, or intricate surface detail on a mold or coining die surface.

What is Micro Blasting?

The Micro Blast process utilizes a patented selection of ceramic blasting media that, combined with a two-step processing system, achieves improved finish results in small detail areas such as thin ribs or small holes as well as on larger surfaces, thus treating the entire EDM surface. The process improves the EDM surface by removing recast debris and compressing the surface, improving surface finish, bearing area and fatigue life.

The Micro Blast process can be compared to high precision shot peening. It is a two-step process:

  • The first step, performed in one chamber of the system, removes the rough recast layer from the EDM process using a larger size ceramic media.
  • The second step, performed in a second separate chamber, utilizes a media that is much smaller along with reduced air pressure.

This process will change the dimensions on the surface minutely. In one example when improving a rough cut 2.4uRa surface finish to a 1.2uRa surface finish, a dimensional step of .00025" was measured. However, after one or two skim cuts, the dimensional change was less than .00006". After four skims, it was barely measurable.

After three passes on the wire EDM, an outside corner with a .001" radius showed no measurable change after blasting.

There are specifically designed media for different materials. Processing technology such as air pressure, part-to-nozzle distance and other finishing techniques vary as well. Hardened tool steels, carbide, copper tungsten or any EDM surface can be used in the Micro Blast process.

Micro Blasting is fundamentally different from traditional methods in a number of ways:

  • The controlled geometry and composition of the patented media are fundamental to the success of the Micro Blasting process.
  • The design of the equipment includes a cyclonic media recovery and recycling system that separates undamaged media from fractured media and debris to assure that only virgin media is applied in the process. The design also includes a secondary filter to preclude any particle discharge from the unit's exhaust air entering the working environment.
  • A specially designed gun and wand with proprietary nozzles assures pin point process application accuracy.

The Equipment

The standard Micro Blast unit is a two-chamber model, available in two sizes accommodating a variety of part sizes. In order to accommodate small parts or parts with intricate detail, HGH offers the optional Micro Lapp two chamber accessory unit with nozzle sizes as small as 0.8 mm for the pin-point blasting and processing of small slots, deep ribs or blind holes. Both units are of robust and high quality construction, designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

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