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Grinding Machines for the Firearm and Ammunition Industry

Rollomatic has developed two grinding machines with specific capabilities for grinding a variety of gun related tooling and components: the GrindSmart 630XW 6-axis tool grinding machine and the ShapeSmart NP50 5-axis pinch/peel cylindrical grinding machine.

Rollomatic has worked with manufacturers in the firearm and ammunition industries to develop and fine tune grinding processes for manufacturing parts for the weapons industry, rifle chamber manufacturing and reconditioning, cold forging in radial forging machines and punches for ammunition tooling manufacturing.

Features and benefits of the GrindSmart 630XW:

  • 6-station wheel and nozzle changer
  • Automatic tool loader/unloader
  • Linear motion technology for improved surface finish
  • Universal workhead with high-speed capability to combine high accuracy cylindrical grinding and geometry grinding
  • Large variety of workholding and toolholding solutions including custom-made fixtures
  • Laser measuring included.

Features and benefits of the ShapeSmart NP50:

  • Automatic 3-axis tool loader/unloader
  • Pinch/peel grinding process in combination with V-block part support and simultaneous grinding of roughing and finishing passes
  • Multipass grinding for efficient heavy stock removal
  • Large diameter range from 0.0008" to 1"
  • Patented nonround pinch/peel grinding for all nonround shapes such as square, rectangle, oval, corner radius and other nonround profiles
  • Onboard diameter gauge included.

For more information contact:

Rollomatic Inc. USA

1295 Armour Blvd.

Mundelein, IL 60060


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