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High Performance CNC Retrofit Solution

"FANUC's most advanced CNC technology, the FANUC Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI), is poised to become the preferred mill and lathe CNC retrofit solution from CNC Engineering, Inc., a FANUC retrofitter," said a company spokesperson.

"The FANUC iHMI provides a new way to interface with today's FANUC CNCs (30i and 0i-F Series). Experienced machine operators are happy that most machine operations have the same look and feel as older controls, and maintenance managers appreciate the performance and reliability they have come to expect from FANUC controls," said Justin Caravella, Vice President of CNC Engineering, Inc.

FANUC iHMI is an intuitive interface that divides operations controls into three areas: planning, machining and improvement. All functions are easily accessible from a convenient home screen, like a tablet.

"In addition to the new powerful user interface, the iHMI's increased processing speed allows for faster program execution increasing 5+ axis performance," said Caravella.


In Tool Manager, operators can easily import and display tool information from tool manufacturers, then monitor and maintain usage and life span. The tool data can also be used for collision avoidance applications, setting tool offsets and creating machining simulations.

Operators can use the Cycle Time Estimation tool for efficient process planning. CAD/CAM programs can be imported to the FANUC iHMI to estimate machining time within 5% accuracy, leading to better planning and greater overall efficiency.


The CNC Operation screen is divided into three main sections, each tailored to give machine operators access to the information they need on the shop floor. The traditional set-up screen, machining screen and programming screen are combined into one display, so operators do not need to navigate back and forth between the various screens.

The machining simulation function within the CNC Operation screen helps validate the performance of programs and cycles. Utilizing animated and tool track renderings, operators can graphically check the behavior of the program or cycle.


The Servo Viewer function displays the position and speed of the feed axis and the torque of the spindle as wave form graphs. Operators can use this data to adjust and optimize the cutting conditions and machining programs, thereby reducing cycle time.

Data logged in iHMI can be shared between onboard functions, like Maintenance Manager and Tool Manager. The data can also be shared outside of iHMI by utilizing MTLinki for advanced IIoT efforts. In the iHMI Maintenance Manager application machine components, like servo amps and CNC fans, are monitored in real time. iHMI notifies the user of potential issues and provides convenient access to the relevant manuals for troubleshooting and repair.

The FANUC iHMI is available in horizontal and vertical configurations with 10.4", 15" or 19" display sizes. The touchscreen, soft-touch keys and industrialized casing are designed for greater resistance to corrosive materials like cooling fluid.

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