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April 2023

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Pensacola State College Partners with LIFTs Operation Next Program
Alum-Renew Kit Quickly Restores Aluminum
Maverick Pipe Buys TexAmericas Centers Spec Building
Superabrasive Grinding Solutions
NSH USA Expands Automotive and Aerospace Presence in North America
Expanded Industrial Lever Hoist Range
Embedded Tracking Technology for IoT-Enabled Wooden Pallets
Zero-Point Workholding System
Registration Opens for ASSPs Safety 2023
Agreement to Fuel 3D Printing Post-Processing Growth
Press Shop of the Future
Plating System with Dripless Technology
AMT Mesago Messe Frankfurt Collaborate to Expand Automation
ANCA to Showcase Precision Machining Technology at PMTS 2023
BIG DAISHOWA Customers Give Back to Local Schools
Sigma Additive Solutions Forms In-Situ AcGovDustrial Network
SIXAI Launching Global Deployment of Autonomous Mobile Robots
Change from a Collet Chuck to Mandrel in Seconds
Costing Assistant Software
TCI Precision Metals Installs CNC Double-Disc Grinding Center
Marking Station with New Design
Thunder Creek Equipment Expands Iowa Manufacturing Plant
T. J. Snow Stocks Water Chillers for Industrial Applications
TSTC Precision Machining Technology Dual Enrollment Program
United Grinding North America Expands Distribution Network
United Grinding Precision Summit May 24-25 2023
Grinding Machine with Large Grinding Wheel
Verisurf Software and WENZEL America Announce OEM Reseller Agreement
Wandelbots Expands No-Code Solution to U.S.
High Density Live Positioning Solution
BMT Machinery Offers Sunmill VMCs
Faster and More Precise Bending Technology
Scalable Automation Solution
Caldwell Stand Enables Moon Lander Transportation
CGTech Celebrates 35th Anniversary
COE Ships Coil Line to Nucor
RE3DTECH plusGoProto Acquires Stanfordville Machine andamp; Manufacturing
New Technology and Innovation Labs
EASTEC 2023 Taking Place May 16-18
EMAG Group HPL Technologies Cooperation Agreement
FFG Americas Signs Distributor Partnership with Jones Machinery Inc.
Product Identification Solutions
Mobile Bending Table for Hydraulic Benders
Aerospace Medical and Mold 5-Axis Machining Applications at PMTS 2023
GTI Predictive Now VibePro
Gudel Inc. Expands Manufacturing Capacity
Hydra Service Purchased by Local Investment Group
Custom Maintenance-Free Toothed Belt Pulleys Delivered in 48 Hours
Custom DesignBuild Capabilities with Quick-Change Workholding at PMTS
Robots in Metalcutting
Medium Payload Robot
Precision Surface Grinders
Automated Line Inputs and Outputs
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Scalable Automation Solution

The ByTrans Modular automation system for loading and unloading laser cutting systems was designed by Bystronic to be expandable in modular fashion to accommodate future needs of the user. From a single machine to multiple machines with material warehousing and automated parts sorting, ByTrans Modular offers multiple scalable solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic sheet loading and unloading
  • Automatic part sorting and residual sheet disposal
  • Increased speed of cut part availability for downstream processes
  • Single operator control interface for ByTrans Modular and BySort
  • Maximum flexibility with varied gripper selections and loading and unloading positions
  • Significant reduction of personnel costs and unproductive time
  • Minimal additional floor space compared with nonautomated system
  • Modular expansion of the laser cutting system with ByTrans Modular, BySort and ByTower options.

Technical points:

  • ByTrans Modular can be loaded and unloaded with fork truck or overhead crane
  • Second shelf can be used for raw material or cut part storage
  • Large parts removal with suction frame standard
  • Custom gripper module design availability.

Building on this efficiency of design, the ByTrans Modular with BySort option offers an automation solution for processing large series of individual cut parts that need to be unloaded and sorted separately according to jobs. Both the BySort and the ByTrans Modular are conveniently operated from the fiber laser cutting system's touchscreen and easy to use Bystronic ByVision Cutting user interface. Available models: 3015 (120x60) and 4020 (160x80).

With the BySort upgrade, ByTrans Modular is now an even more versatile unloading solution. Upon request, Bystronic equips the ByTrans Modular system with this new add-on solution that can accommodate up to two sorting heads. These heads are automatically tooled using the available gripper modules.

The BySort is designed to deposit the completed parts on an additional unloading position next to the laser cutting system, which offers ByTrans Modular users an even higher degree of flexibility. This supports users with the processing of large series where the individual cut parts need to be unloaded and sorted separately according to jobs. "The repetition accuracy with which the BySort deposits the parts is an advantage. Particularly with large cut parts, this is difficult to achieve manually. The accurate positioning of parts on palettes facilitates the automation of subsequent processes, because it allows the precise position detection of the parts to be further processed," said a spokesperson.

Furthermore, BySort increases the speed of the entire unloading process due to the efficient design of the system unloading routes. First, BySort unloads and sorts the cut parts. Subsequently, using a different route, the ByTrans Modular unloads the residual sheet. This ensures that the laser cutting system's shuttle table is more quickly available for the loading of the next sheet, which the ByTrans Modular fetches from its own stock or from the connected warehouse.

Both the BySort and the ByTrans Modular are controlled using the Fiber laser cutter's touchscreen and Bystronic's ByVision Cutting user interface. ByVision Cutting integrates all the cutting processes and the connected automation solutions. During everyday production, this allows laser cutting and the automated material feeding and removal process to be closely interlinked.

For more information contact:

Bystronic Inc.

2200 West Central Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

847-214-0300 / 800-247-3332

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