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CAM Solution with New Cutting Strategies

CAMCO, Authorized GibbsCAM Reseller in the Northeast, will be demonstrating GibbsCAM at EASTEC 2023.

"GibbsCAM is a full-featured CAM system that provides powerful capabilities without sacrificing ease of use," said a company spokesperson. "Highly customizable and intuitive, GibbsCAM provides CNC programmers with the tools that allow them to make their parts their way. GibbsCAM supports 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, mill/turn, multitask simultaneous machining (MTM), wire EDM and on-machine probing."

CAMCO will be demonstrating the full suite of GibbsCAM programming capabilities as well as highlighting some of the new features in the latest release, including the implementation of Sandvik Coromant's PrimeTurning.

"PrimeTurning's new cutting strategies allow turning and facing in all directions, delivering dramatic increases in high volume production," said the spokesperson. "PrimeTurning has proven to deliver cycle time reductions of up to 50% and more than 500% increase for insert tool life. PrimeTurning uses the slope of the insert for chip thinning to allow operators to make heavy cuts and spread cutting forces and heat over a larger portion of the cutting edge, which in turn contributes to longer tool life. In addition, PrimeTurning adapts the feedrate (excellent for cutting on a taper) to constantly manage chip thickness which is ideal for high-volume and unattended environments." PrimeTurning supports two new tool types that both utilize a low lead angle to improve surface finish.

Other new features highlighted include Thread Turning operations that have been expanded with Face Threading, Variable Pitch Threading, Multi-pitch and Position Tool Front options. New drill cycle types include gun drilling, variable peck (full out and chip breaker) and peck tap (full out and chip breaker).

A new Multifunction Insert Drill type is supported and can be used to perform turning and drilling/boring operations. The Multifunction Insert Drill tool type can seamlessly switch between turning, lathe drilling and mill drilling without retraction or tool change motions.

New VoluTurn functionality has also been extended to manage the active control of chip thickness during the cut by varying the feedrate instantaneously with any changes in cut depth.

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EASTEC Booth 5130

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